Monday, July 7, 2008

Last post!

Today I reached back to France and joined office. Its time for home sickness nowJ . But work is work. One can not remain at home and listen songs and talk friends always.
For some reasons I have got to stop writing on this blog however I have an offer from a friend to keep writing on his blog. I have accepted his offer.
I the mean time many of my friends who read my previous post on my blog are desperate to know who were those Pankhudi, and others in real life. I had no problem any time in sharing names of those but there are others like those real people themselves , who don’t like it to be shared. I have no contacts with the character Pankhudi but other are saying against sharing their names. Alex! Your mail contained some set of detective like questions and that is why I choose not to answer those questions. However I never knew u learnt such a good hindi.
Coming to bloging! Blog urls are and these blogs are of my childhood friend Ravi, the guy whom I trust and respect most। Other friends need not to be angry for childhood friend is something different friends।
Ravi is some sort of self-proclaimed thinker, politician, poet and many things he can assumeJ don’t worry he doesn’t bores once you have got to understand him. Years back I thought understanding him is a tough thing but you guys see every person has got some predictability.
Some times he is lazy like me and doesn’t posts something on his blog for months and sometimes he may pour in lots of things in few time.
For last few months, (I have guessed his google password ) I have been working on his few blogs(the guy is champion in registering new blogs and forgetting them). One of those is only about his poems. He writes cute love poems, and often I think it would have been better if he starts being in ove in place of writing poems. I had some of his poems and kept it on a blog which he would have been forgotten. Now I shall be working on that again. Soon you will know a cool address of lovely romantic poems.
Yeah I shall be deleting this blog very soon and this is last post here